The Executive Roundtable of Indian River County has many responsibilities, including:

  • ​Planning jointly for local resource utilization in the community.

  • Assessing needs and establishing community priorities for service delivery.

  • Determining and evaluating community outcome goals.

  • Serving as a catalyst for community resource development.

  •  Providing for community education and advocating on issues related to delivery of services.

  • Promoting prevention and early intervention services.

  •  Facilitating interagency communication.

  • Promoting public health and safety by seeking to control and prevent serious, violent and chronic juvenile offenses.

  • Developing a plan to implement programs and services that will help prevent problem behaviors in youth by reducing community risk

             factors and building protective factors.

  •  Developing a comprehensive local community-wide planning and strategic implementation program in furtherance of stated

              objectives of the Executive Roundtable.

  •  Engaging any and all sectors of local government and communities in the task of fostering healthy child and youth development in

              furtherance of stated objectives of the Executive Roundtable. 

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Mission + Vision

​The Executive Roundtable began in the fall of 2011 with a meeting of several Indian River County nonprofit leaders who formed a Roundtable Planning Committee. Indian River had many leaders that cared deeply for children, but the county lacked a structure that would provide a forum for constitutional officers and community leaders to work together. Three of four counties in the Shared Services Alliance of the Treasure Coast, (Okeechobee, Martin & St. Lucie) had successful forums and were operating Executive Roundtables to solve difficult community issues affecting children, an unmet need for Indian River County.

​The Roundtable Planning Committee invited the counties to present and discuss their development, function, successes and challenges.  Planning Committee leaders surveyed agencies and identified areas needing improvement in Indian River County that could be satisfied by establishing a Roundtable. Areas needing improvement were: a common vision regarding outcomes for children and families, a process to communicate the needs of families in the community to chief decision makers, a system to bring all chief decision makers together to identify common problems and find shared solutions, and sustaining a unified voice for children and families with an infrastructure that is not dependent upon personalities or who holds a position. 

In November 2011, Planners met with five founding leaders and introduced the concept of creating a Roundtable; Schools Superintendent, Dr. Fran Adams; Health Department Administrator, Miranda (Swanson) Hawker; County Sheriff, Deryl Loar; County Commissioner, Peter O’Bryan; and United Way CEO, Michael Kint.  All championed the concept of an Executive Roundtable and pledged to invite other leaders to an introductory meeting in December 2011.  

For two and a half years, the Roundtable and its volunteers provided personal and institutional resources to build the Executive Roundtable into the solid organization it is today. During this time, its leaders were expanding membership, building budgets, developing documents, adopting bylaws, choosing a name, electing officers, incorporating, and applying for 501c3 tax exempt status. By July 2014, the organization had matured sufficiently to hire a part time Executive Director to expand their presence in the community and drive projects. In September 2014, the Roundtable adopted its first project: Kids at Hope and is working hard to bring this innovative concept to Indian River County.




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